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The Best Free Fonts for Logos & Branding: Part Two

inspiration The Best Free Fonts for Logos & Branding: Part Two

On the hunt for the perfect font for your logo or branding project? Free fonts don’t have to be inferior; with a selective eye you can find fonts that look ultra-professional and don’t break the bank.

Below you’ll find the very best free logo fonts to use in a range of branding projects, from corporate identities to cafe branding.

If you’re creating an identity for a corporate company, restaurant or bar, or a fitness or health business, you’re sure to find something here to make your project shine.

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If you’re designing for a…corporate brand

Corporate branding doesn’t have to be stuffy. Keep the professionalism high and the style even higher with an intellectual serif or a punchy condensed type style that shows you mean business.

1. Metropolis

Clean, minimal and with a definitely corporate feel, Metropolis is a geometric sans serif with versatility for use in logos or body copy.

Download the full 18-style family here.

best free fonts for branding and logo design metropolis

2. Bebas Neue

Condensed sans serifs lend a no-frills, business-forward mood to logos and websites. Bebas Neue retains readability and simplicity while making an impact.

best free fonts for branding and logo design bebas neue

3. Forum

Channel the ambitious spirit of the  Roman Empire with this classical-influenced serif. Perfect for creating respectable yet stylish logos for accountancy firms or legal practices.

Download one style of the font for free on FontSquirrel.

best free fonts for branding and logo design forum

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4. Junicode

Looking for the perfect serif to use on corporate materials? The simple serif with a contemporary spirit, Junicode will give corporate stationery an elegant edge.

Eight weights and styles are available for free download here.

best free fonts for branding and logo design junicode

If you’re designing for a…restaurant, cafe or bar

Restaurant, bar and cafe branding can vary widely, depending on the cuisine on offer. However, there are a select group of styles which will always look fresh and relevant for food branding.

Vintage-inspired display sans serifs give logos a bistrot flavour, while Art Deco-influenced fonts will always be a classy choice for cocktail bars and cafes.

5. Porter Sans

A sans serif display family with a variety of inline and shadowed styles, Porter Sans would be the perfect choice for branding a bistrot, steak house or hip bar.

With a masculine, assertive feel and vintage influences, this is a stylish branding font with a down-to-earth energy.

best free fonts for branding and logo design porter sans

6. Paciencia

A serif with character, Paciencia is a humanist style with calligraphic roots. Developed and refined by the designer, type foundry Typographias, over the course of 8 years, the final result is a beautiful and comprehensive family of 8 weights.

This font would be a great fit for more high-end restaurants or fancy cafes.

7. Hominis

A bold and heavy industrial-flavored display font, Hominis would be a traditional yet stylish fit for a casual eatery or pub.

hominis branding logo fonts

8. Poiret One

Cocktail bars and clubs can attract well-heeled clientele with an Art Deco typeface. Poiret One is an ultra-simple, geometric style that references Jazz Age type design.

best free fonts for branding and logo design poiret one

9. Voltaire

Another Art Deco-inspired style, Voltaire is chunkier and more rounded, giving it more versatility as a font for use in body copy on menus as well as on logo designs.

Download the Regular weight of the font for free here.

best free fonts for branding and logo design voltaire

10. Znikomit No 24

A stylistic and more decorative version of GLUK fonts’ original Znikomit, this ornate typeface makes a nod to the Art Nouveau era. A beautiful and welcoming font that would suit the branding of cafes or bakeries.

best free fonts for branding and logo design

If you’re designing for a…gym, fitness or wellness brand

Branding a gym can be tricky. Fonts which have a motivational energy are desirable, but overly aggressive fonts can be off-putting for potential customers.

Below you’ll find a range of stylish fonts for creating logos and brand identities for gyms, health centers and wellness-related businesses.

11. Code Pro

Simple, striking and condensed, Code Pro has a transparency that feels refreshing and appropriate for gyms, while its rounded style keeps everything looking friendly and cheerful.

Two weights, Light and Regular, are available to download from Fontspring.

best free fonts for branding and logo design code pro

12. Reey

Stylish script fonts can be hard to come by, but Reey manages to achieve that elusive goal..and it’s free to boot! If you’re creating a brand for a surf business or health bar, Reey will help you craft a beautifully laidback logo.

best free fonts for branding and logo design reey

13. Loew

A firm favorite here at InDesignSkills, Loew is a geometric display serif influenced by vintage industrial design. Small humanist details on each letter give the font an honest and eager mood, making it the perfect balancing act for branding gyms.

best free fonts for branding and logo design loew

14. Minotaur

Designed by Walter Verez, Minotaur is an ultra-heavy display font inspired by 1930s and 1980s type designs.

Chunky yet quirky, the simple geometric letters would work beautifully for signage or clothing branding at a gym or juice bar.

best free fonts for branding and logo design minotaur

15. Langdon

A public-domain font since 2013, Langdon still retains a fresh and  contemporary feel that draws comparisons with the designer-favorite, Gotham. Just the right side of condensed, Langdon is a fuss-free type style that would be great for branding longer business names.

Download the Regular weight from FontSquirrel.

best free fonts for branding and logo design langdon

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