InDesign Basics: Word-Count your InDesign Document

word count indesign

In this Bitesize tutorial, you will learn how to word-count text in your InDesign document.

  • How to use the Info Panel to conduct a super quick and simple Word-Count

  • This tutorial covers word-counting in InDesign. See here to learn how to spell-check your document.

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Step 1: Open the Info Panel

Go to Window > Info to open the Info Panel.

info panel

Step 2: Conduct a Word-Count

To count words in a select area of text, highlight the text and see the Character, Word, Line and Paragraph counts appear in the Info Panel.

To count words in a whole story, stretching across a large number of text frames, click your cursor into one of the text frames, and see the relevant info appear in the Panel.

info panel