Day 1: Go InDesign Pro in 5 Days!

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The transcript from today’s video is below:

Hey guys! Welcome to Go InDesign Pro in 5 Days!

Over the next 5 days we’re going to be creating something together in Adobe InDesign. You’re going to pick up some key graphic design skills you can use in the future, as well as design a beautiful business card you can adapt for your own business.

It’s also going to bring us together into a nice little routine over this week, when we’re all craving a bit of structure and normality!

So, no further ado. Let’s dive in.

We’re going to be creating this cool business card in InDesign, so you will need InDesign to create it. Luckily Adobe are doing a really great offer at the moment, for completely free Creative Cloud for two whole months.

So…if you want to take advantage of that, you can find the link below this video.

Today we’re going to just start on a gentle footing and learn how to create a new document for print in InDesign.

So let’s do it!

Open up InDesign, and from the New Document window which will automatically pop up if you’ve just opened, or you can head up to File > New > Document.

So this is your gateway into creating a whole bunch of cool, exciting things in InDesign, such as things for Web or Mobile apps. But for now, we’re going to stick to the Print tab.

You can choose one of the pre-saved templates in the templates area here, or set the specs for a new document size over here.

Let’s do that for our business card design.

So first things first, we’re going to set the measurements for this in Inches. So if your default unit isn’t in inches that’s no problem. Simply come out of the window and head up to the InDesign menu at the top-left of your window, and choose Preferences > Units and Increments. And at the top here set the Horizontal and Vertical Ruler Units to Inches. Click OK.

And back to the New Document window.

For a standard business card size you can send off to print on sites like Moo and VistaPrint, you can set the Width of the card to 3.5 in and the Height to 2 in.

Our card will need a front and reverse side, so up the Number of Pages to 2.

Set the Margins to 0.125 in, and it’s really important to add a Bleed to your document, which is going to make sure you won’t see any bits of straggly white around the edge of your card once it’s printed.

So under the Bleed options, set the Width of this to a quarter of an inch, which is pretty standard for printers, so 0.25 in.

If you want to see how your document’s going to look, make sure to check the Preview box in the bottom corner.

Then when you’re happy, go ahead and click Create.

Awesome, and that’s our blank business card template ready! Tomorrow we’ll look at how creating layers can help organise your design, and also how to create fun hand drawn elements for your card design using InDesign’s drawing tools.

For now, make sure to save your document, ready to use tomorrow. Head up to File > Save As, name the file ‘Business card’ and click Save.

Awesome, great job!

That’s all for now, but lookout for the email about the next instalment tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you want to explore more of what InDesignSkills has to offer, check out our tutorials and inspiration pages for lots of fun design content to keep you occupied and motivated!

Have a great day, and see you tomorrow!