Day 3: Go InDesign Pro in 5 Days!

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Discover more fun and creative InDesign tutorials right this way.

The transcript from today’s video is below:

Hey everyone. Yep, that’s right, you’ve made it to the middle of the week, and for everyone working from home I hope you’re managing to feel inspired and happy. And if you need a little boost in productivity and endorphins, I find there’s nothing better than creating something. So that’s what we’re doing together this week.

It’s Day 3 of Go InDesign Pro in 5 Days, and we’re going to start getting creative with our business card design. In this video you’ll pick up some key skills for using fonts and working with typography in your designs.

So let’s dive in!

First up, for this tutorial you’ll need to download a font to use on you cards. You can find some really wonderful free fonts out there, and this one, Gilroy, is one of my favourites.

Gilroy Light and ExtraBold are both completely free to download if you head over to the Fontspring website. You can find the link to that below the video.

I’ve also put a link to a video all about formatting text and typography in InDesign, so check that out if you want a bit more in-depth guidance on this.

Once you’ve installed your fonts onto your computer, you’re ready to start using them in InDesign.

Alright, let’s head back to our business card document in InDesign, and let’s make sure we’re working on the top layer, which is Text. And you can lock the layers below, and even switch them off if you want. In fact, that’s a pretty good tip for whenever you’re working with type, so you can really concentrate on getting that text just looking on point.

 So for working with text in InDesign, you’re going to have to get very familiar with the Type Tool, which is over here in the Tools panel, and you can click here or just hit ‘T’ on your keyboard.

And with that selected, click and drag onto the first page of you document to create a text frame across the center.

OK, great. Now let’s type in the business name. You can use your own of course, or you can type in ‘Squid…inc’.

For formatting text we’re going to be using the options available to us up in the top Controls panel. If you can’t see these options, just head up to Window and Control to bring that up.

Let’s highlight the text with the Type Tool, and from the Font menu choose Gilroy, and from the style menu below, go for ExtraBold.

I want the little ‘inc’ in the name to be a bit smaller, so for the main name I’m going to highlight just that, and increase the Font Size to 46 points. Then for inc, a little smaller, at 20 points.

Highlight all the text again, and let’s increase the Tracking, which is the letter spacing, just to allow this title to breathe a little bit. That’s just here, with a little VA and arrow symbol, and let’s set that to 60 points.

From the alignment options, let’s set the text to Align Center.

Let’s make sure the text frame’s all looking nicely centered on the page. Alright, looking good.

Awesome, right, with our business name done, you can use this as a sort of logo, or if you have your own logo you can drop a PNG or EPS version of that in there as well using the Rectangle Frame Tool.

If you’d like to use the text as a logo, I’m going to show you a neat trick for scaling this without losing the proportions we’ve created here.

So let’s select the text frame and Edit > Copy it.

Scroll down to the second page of your document, which is the reverse side of the card.

And Edit > Paste.

Now let’s switch to the Free Transform Tool, or hit E on your keyboard. And if you hold down Shift while you click and drag a corner of the frame, you can scale that text frame down perfectly, without having to adjust the Font Sizes manually. So that’s a very handy little tool.

Alright, let’s center that towards the top of the page.

And the back of your card is a great place to add in some contact details.

So Type Tool again, and drag across to create a text frame below the business name.

Type in your name, break, occupation, break, email address, break, and phone number. You might want to add an office address too.

Highlight the text and let’s set the Font as before to Gilroy ExtraBold, Font Size 9 points. Increase the Leading, which is the space between lines, to 13 points.

And Align Center.

Alright, looking awesome, great job! That’s our little task for today done, so head up to File > Save, and tomorrow we’re going to really bring this card to life with some wonderful pops of color.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the typography crash course in the links below, and you might also want to check out our font edits, where we have done the hard work for you, scouring the internet for the best free fonts around. So make sure to check that out in the links below too.

Thanks guys! I’ll see you tomorrow for more InDesign fun. Stay happy, stay creative, and I’ll see you then!